2024 Jeep EV Recon: First available info about the SUV

3/4 front view of Jeep EV Recon 2024 on beach with sea

The long awaited all-new 2024 Jeep EV Recon –Jeep’s very first fully electric SUV- will finally be arriving, soon! Although available information is a bit sparse, here is what we do know.

Inspired by the Wrangler, but completely different

The all-new EV Recon silhouette takes much of its inspiration from the legendary Wrangler, thanks to muscular lines that speak volumes as to the off-road capabilities it offers. And just like the Wrangler, it also has removable doors and roof, front and rear towing hooks, along with the emblematic Jeep seven slot grille which is now illuminated –so are the headlight outlines- for a most stunning effect.

Power levels that might be spectacular

Up until now, we know very little about the type of performance levels to expect from the 2024 EV Recon, both when it comes to range and power. However, the manufacturer has recently revealed that the 2024 EV Recon will be built on the STLA Large platform, which translates –in all likelihood- into a 400 to 800 kilometer range.

To this day, we still do not know what size battery –or batteries- will be offered on the Recon EV; the same is true when it comes to the powertrain which could, according to various sources, offer up to 600 horsepower. We will have to wait for the official reveal to know the exact numbers.

What we do know, however, is that there will be several different available driving modes, thanks to the Selec-Terrain system; moreover, a power locking differential will also be offered, according to the information that is available to date.

Side view of Jeep EV Recon 2024 on steep road with doors removed

Outstanding Off-Road Capabilities

Just like any Jeep vehicle worthy of its name, the Recon EV will offer remarkable off-road capabilities; the front protection plates and the large all-terrain tires serve as proof! Moreover, Stellantis has confirmed that the mythical Rubicon trail won’t be a problem for this electric SUV. This means that the 2024 Jeep EV Recon will be able to tackle any obstacle on its path!

Aerial view of Jeep EV Recon 2024 on beach with sea

When will it arrive in dealerships?

For the time being, no official release date has been set for this electric Jeep SUV; however, we do know that it should be commercialized during the upcoming year. It will be possible for you to reserve your own copy of the 2024 Jeep EV Recon very soon; be among the first, close to Pointe-Claire and the greater Montreal area, to get your hands on this fully electric 2024 Jeep SUV!

Rear view of Jeep EV Recon 2024 on beach with sea
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