Towing capacity of 2020 Jeep trucks and SUVs

2020 Jeep Gladiator Towing

When you choose a Jeep SUV, you expect to benefit from a model that offers not only solid off-road performance but also outstanding towing capabilities. Des Sources Chrysler, your Jeep dealership par excellence in DDO on the West Island of Montreal, tells you more about the towing capacities of the different models in the line-up of Jeep SUVs and trucks!


Offered at an MSRP of $31,425, the 2020 Jeep Cherokee is available in an impressive number of versions, each with a long list of features, equipment and high-performance engines. Their towing capacity will vary between 2,000 and 4,500 pounds, depending on the engine under the hood.

Engine Power Towing Capacity
4 cyl. 2.4 L 180 HP 2000 lbs
4 cyl. 2.0 L Turbo 270 HP 4000 lbs
3.2 L V6 271 HP 4500 lbs
Vue du Jeep Cherokee sur route

Jeep Gladiator

The 2020 Gladiator is the all-new Jeep truck that’s only just hit the market and is already the talk of the town! It bears a striking resemblance to the Wrangler, but is significantly larger. With a powerful engine, it also has the highest towing capacity in its class for a V6 engine. Its base price is $43,876.

Engine Power Towing Capacity
3.6 L V6 285 HP 7650 lbs
Vue du Jeep Gladiator sur route escarpé

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has been the company’s flagship model for more than seven decades, and it continues to further the reputation of its illustrious predecessors by offering, as always, best-in-class off-road capabilities, removable doors and a fold-down windshield. It is an experience unlike any other! Several engines are available, and they all boast huge towing capacities. Depending on the model, the Wrangler can be yours for as little as $33,481!

EnginePowerTowing Capacity
4-cylinder 2.0 L Turbo270 HP2000 lbs
3.6 L Pentastar V6285 HP2000 lbs (3500 lbs for the Unlimited)
6-cylinder 3.0 L EcoDiesel260 HP3500 lbs
Jeep Wrangler sur route

Jeep Compass

The 2020 Jeep Compass earned its spot with its best-in-class 4×4 performance. Compact yet powerful, it also boasts a rugged and elegant silhouette, as well as a long list of features and technologies. It’s available at an MSRP of only $26,800.

Engine Power Towing Capacity
4-cylinder 2.4 L 180 HP 2000 lbs
Vue du Jeep Cpompass

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Muscular. Powerful. Top of the line. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, with an MSRP of $43,366, has it all! With its wide selection of models ranging from 295 to 707 horsepower, as well as boasting phenomenal towing capabilities, it is the top performer of all Jeep models. One thing’s for sure, you’ll fall under its spell, and if you opt for the 707-hp engine, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the fastest and most powerful SUV to date, regardless of manufacturer!

EnginePowerMaximum Towing
V6 3,6 L Pentastar295 HP6200 lbs
V8 5,7 L HEMI360 HP7200 lbs
V8 6,4 litres HEMI SRT475 HP7200 lbs
V8 6,2 L Turbo707 HP7200 lbs
Vue du Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Renegade

Last but not least, the 2020 Jeep Renegade is a real eye-catcher! And don’t be fooled by its compact size and friendly face – it’s got best-in-class towing capacity and best-in-class 4×4 performance. And at an MSRP of only $27,358, the Renegade is a real bargain.

Engine Power Maximum Towing
4-cylinder 1.3 L Turbo 177 HP 2000 lbs
4-cylinder 2.4 L 180 HP 2000 lbs

To learn more about the capabilities of our Jeep vehicles, their features, or the many ongoing promotions offered by Jeep Canada, stop by for a visit today at Des sources Chrysler in DDO, in the West Island of Montreal!

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